About me

(Spanish) After many many years devoted to jewellery manufacturing and gem&diamond setting, Fernando -GemSetter Nando- finally decided to seriously get round to the study of gems. So he joind the IGE (Instituto Gemologico Español-Spanish Gemological Institute) in Madrid, and went through the required two years to complete the studies there. Great mistake! Before that, although based on ignorance, he used to feel bold and self-confident with regards to gems. Now, being a IGE Gemologist Diplomate, he just knows how little he knows and how much there is still to be learnt.

In this blog, he just intends to express ideas,opinions, thougths… that migth come up regarding this world of jewellery and gems, and if possible, to be of any help to those –earning a living in this field or not- that might want to have some questions answered by someome who knows one or two things about this business.



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